We're offering a 100% free Chatroulette Platform with that you can connect to random people via Webcam.

With our ultramodern techniques we try to fight against nudity and spam, so please don't be afraid of using the Report-Button.

Our Chatroulette Technology allows us, to provide high resolution pictures to you.

Funchatroullette focused the idea to assure enjoyment not like other Chatroulette Pages about spam and nudity. We sincerely hope that we can provide real fun to you and appeal to your good reasons, because we're certain that there are not only human beings with perverts minds out there.

We wish you lots of fun on Funchatroulette. Sadly we can not guarantee that there will be no nudity at all. So we want to make clear: You can enter only Funchatroulette if you are at least 18 years old.
What is Chatroulette exactly?

Chatroulette is an invention by the 17 years old Andrei Ternowski from Russia. His idea was to create simple and casual connections between 2 people. They can communicate via Webcam, keyboard and the microphone. Mainly Chatroulette is used with the webcam. In Chatroulette you can get to know new people easily and you will be able to see and to talk to them. As soon as the random chat partner is not fitting anymore to your Interests, it is possible to go straight further. This idea of Chatroulette is since 2010 existing and consistently gets more popular. Thus, clone pages of Chatroulette were developed, which can prove very high number of visitors.
What makes our Chatroulette so unique?

Our pages in Chatroulette are available in different languages: German, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. In contrast to other Chatroulette pages, we are providing full range of functions without a premium account. Please use our Chatroulette and choose if you want to get connected with a partner, choose the language, the design as well as if the Chatroulette Webcam of your partner should be switch on or off. In our Chatroulette everything is possible.
Our Chatroulette technology

We use advanced technologies that makes our Chatroulette page really top modern. Spam is thus impossible and you will not constantly connected with webcam partners who want to bring your advertising only to the man / woman. In our Chatroulette we have taken it, that your webcam and the webcam of Chatroulette partners have a good sized format. Plus is a high definition video transmission guarantees and offers full funChatroulette.
The others say about us

Funchatroulette Chatroulette is one of the best alternatives. Many people from different countries meet here and have fun in Chatroulette. The design and functionality in the chat are really first class. A great site to Chatroulette get to know and to feel comfortable from the start. Fun is at the top.
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Test result: was last in october 2012 with radet.

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"Funchatroulette is one of the best alternatives out there. Many online users cavort in our webcam chat. and have fun. Our Chatroulette technology enables high resolution webcam broadcast."
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